EAS 3400 Field Study of the Earth System
Instructors: Moore & Churchill Credits: 6
An interdisciplinary field course covering fundamental concepts of the Earth system.
EAS 3220 Biogeochemistry of the Hawaiian Islands
Instructor: Derry Credits: 4
A field oriented study of biogeochemical processes and ecosystem interactions across the Hawaiian islands.
EAS/BIOEE 3510 Conservation Oceanography
Instructors: Greene & Harvell Credits: 4
A field course covering the interactions of physical and biological processes in marine ecosystems.
EAS 4960 Internship Experience
Instructor: Moore Credits: 2
A 3.5-week service learning project with a local NGO, environmental business, government agency, research lab, or educational facility.
AIS 3400 Contested Terrain: An Introduction to Hawaiian History and Culture
Instructors: Hamabata, Cole and Wong-Wilson Credits: 3
Direct experience with Hawaiian institutions and leaders will bring students into contact with contemporary issues, such as: politics, sovereignty; natural and cultural resource management; economic development; economic dependency; and social change.


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