Hawaiian Vocab!

The first five words here are the program values of Kumu Pa`a I Ka `Aina, the EES Field Program:

Aloha – The word aloha has several meanings, among them, “hello” and “goodbye.”  Aloha also means “love.”  For us, aloha is an appreciation – both broad and deep – for everything around us; the land, the ocean, the people we work with, and for each other.  When we live aloha we navigate our work and play successfully.

Malama `aina – Stewardship.  Literally, to care for the land.  In Hawai`i the ocean is also considered part of the `aina.  The techniques of stewardship that we learn here we will take with us everywhere else we go.

Kuleana – Responsibility.  In ancient Hawai`i certain families had kuleana for different places and different aspects of life within the community.  As students, we know that responsibility is the flip-side of privilege.  We seek to discover our kuleana; what it is that we are good at, passionate about, the thing that we will do to make the world around us a better place.

Ho`ihi – Respect.  We respect this place and our place in it.  We show respect for the culture and for those who teach us by making sure to put our skills and knowledge to good use.

Pono – Another word with many meanings, sometimes translated at “righteous,” but more often used in the sense of “to do the right thing.”  Also “balance” in the sense of harmony with the land and people around us.

Some common words that we use every day:

`aina – land (and ocean), earth

`ohana – family; both a nuclear family and an extended family of beloved friends

keiki – child

kupuna – elder

kumu – teacher, or source

pau – finished

a`ole – no

maika`i – good

ho`o makaukau – to get ready

ho`o malie – to make calm

haumana – student

mauka – toward the mountain

makai – toward the sea

makani – wind

pu`u – hill

mauna – mountain

kai – sea

wai – fresh water

anuenue – rainbow

wailele – waterfall



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