Alaka`i boardwalk

Alaka`i boardwalk

Sunlight glowing through the canopy, enveloping the forest in a soft blanket of golden light. Slippery boardwalk unfolding before my feet. Endangered, endemic, and invasive, all battling in an ever silent war for life beneath the reticent trees towering above. Peacefully marching along not really knowing or caring about the destination, only the journey.

Silence. Until, a question. Cutting the silence like a knife through butter. Do I know what tree this is? Olapa. Do I know the genus and species? No, what kind of question is that, I’m thirteen. The questions pour on like a river rushing through my ears. Softer, more enjoyable to ponder. The rest of the hike is spent tripping over our own laughter, gliding through a silent forest. Slippery boardwalk folding itself up behind us, fading into golden light.

– Ellie


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